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Intellectual property rights of this website including but not limited to: the development of the site itself or with others to develop the content, technical measures, technical means and services; edited by this website after the official publication of the contents; creative art on this website, layout, layout structure, graphics, text and other processed form. These intellectual property rights are applicable intellectual property laws, copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. And without the Barbus Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  written permission, no person shall copy, copy, infringe or destruction or unauthorized use of this website, nor in non-gold side Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. belongs to the server do mirroring. At the same time  Barbus Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. does not guarantee to provide users with the convenience of the accuracy and completeness of external links. If there are any intellectual property cooperation with this website, please

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